2017 In Images // Trophy Club Family Photography

One of my resolutions (if you really want to call it that) for 2018 is to share some more of my personal work here. My older son is 14, and is only on occasion willing to put up with my photography shenanigans. He definitely appears less often, but is still there. I know my opportunities with him at home are dwindling, which breaks my heart. My younger son is generally way more tolerant of my photography.

2017 was a great year. We were healthy, we took the kids on their first cruise, we visited Hamilton Pool in Austin (pictures don’t do it justice) and we spent loads of time boating and fishing at the lake. We got to witness a full solar eclipse AND a few snowflakes (not at the same time), the boys had their braces removed (hence the popcorn), we grew and released Monarch butterflies, and other countless ordinary moments . We…and parents of high schoolers will totally understand this…started high school this year. Only one of of “us” attends, but let me tell you…we’re all in it, for better or for worse. Life is busy. But life is so, so very GOOD to us.

These are just some of my favorites from this year. In no particular order or preference.

Fort Worth family photography

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