Hints for a Stress-Free Family Session

I get it…trust me, I really do. It’s a lot to get you and your family ready for a family session! The schedule, the posing, the what-if-my-kids-are-crazy, and the clothes…my goodness, the clothes. Well, I know you may not believe me, but I can help. I really can! Here are some hints for a stress-free family session and how we can work together to make it as enjoyable as possible.

southlake family photographer“We’re so busy, I don’t know how we’d fit it in our schedule.”

This is probably one of the easiest to address. My suggestion here is truly to schedule early, so it’s easier to plan for. I know our kids and our jobs and the house keep us all on the run all week long. I find that if you’re entertaining the idea of scheduling a family session, you’re already invested in the idea of creating some keepsakes of your family. So let’s make that the priority! Look at your calendar, and find the practice/event that would be missed the least. Allow your four year old to miss one soccer practice. Take a day off from the hectic schedule, and make it a “family night out”…photos, then head for an ice cream. You’re investing in photos, but consider it an investment in your family too!

southlake family photographer southlake family photographer“What if my kid(s) are all kinds of crazy?”

I think this is the thing that stresses out parents the most. The good news is, I never expect kids to sit still like little cherubs for their photos. That would be so boring!! I play games with the kids, try to make them laugh, encourage tickling/running/twirling/leaf-throwing, and on and on. I am a mom myself. I fully understand the urge to make sure my kids are displaying the best version of themselves out in public.  When you’re heading to your photo session, encourage them to have fun! Tell them that when it’s over, everybody has to share their favorite part of the session. Set the expectation with them that they’ll have a good time. But I also recognize that not everyone has a good day every day. Even photos of non-smiling kids can be beautiful.

Southlake family photographersouthlake family photographersouthlake family photographer“What on earth should we all wear?” (Or, “I can’t afford to buy new outfits for the whole family.”)

Full disclosure: I am NOT a fashionista. Not by a long shot. My idea of a great wardrobe, is a good pair of jeans and a comfy sweater. That said, I make it my job to know what will and what won’t photograph well. My clients have a couple of options here to make this process easier. First, clients will gain access to a website where they can customize a style, color preferences and number of family members. This brilliant system will give multiple clothing options for each family member, and will even email you links of where to buy. Take all of the suggestions, or a few, or none! Any way you use it, it’s a great starting point.

Don’t want to shop at all? Great!! I can help with that too! I can help you navigate through your current wardrobe to choose outfits that will work together. I usually suggest mom chooses hers first, and then we go from there. Lay everything out, and shoot me a picture. I might say, “do you have a floral dress for your daughter” or “let’s put your husband in a solid top”. You don’t need the wardrobe of a Hollywood starlet to put together a cohesive look. While your wardrobe does play a big role in photos, the bottom line is I’d rather my clients wear things that are “them” than spend a bunch of money on clothes that they’ll never wear again. So if that means shopping in your own closet, that’s what we’ll do!

southlake family photographer southlake family photographer“I don’t know how to pose for pictures.”

Folks, this one is easy. I don’t make my clients pose, and say cheese to the camera. My style is more organic in that I guide my clients in a way that creates natural interactions within their family. I always say, I’m interested in capturing how your family looks at each other, not how you look at my camera. Occasionally, I’ll make suggestions on moving a hand or turning in a different direction so no one looks awkward in the photo. But I certainly don’t expect anyone to have mastered their runway stance.

I know there are other things that parents fret over. I know it’s a lot to deal with. But I’m here to help throughout the entire process! Consider me your photo session advisor…I’m happy to talk through any of your concerns. After all, my goal is the same as yours….create timeless keepsakes of your sweet family.

southlake family photographer southlake family photographer

Ready to face your fears, and schedule your fall session! Let’s chat and get you on the schedule.

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